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These idiots are horrible.They started a five day project which took 5 MONTHS.

They measured my kitchen to remodel it THREE times and still didn't get it right!! Matt and Mandy Vestal are two of a kind - unethical, theives, liars, manipulators, immature and totally unreliable. Downhome hicks for podunk Paw Paw MI. They cashed my check and didn't even get back with me for 2 weeks to set anything up.

Then they sent over one subcontractor after another (fired the first one) to measure and no one knew what they were doing.

Matt Vestal (owner/arrogant ***) shows up and does the same thing (no clue and that was only one of to times he even came to my home) then delivers my countertop WITHOUT the kitchen sink installed in it so he had to eat $600 of his own money.Constant lies, constant excuses, constant delays and won't give me information about WHERE the kitchen cabinets they installed on MY property came from - DO NOT even think about hiring these jerks!

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vestal attempted to build a pole barn well red tagged? They attempted to insatll metal roof well all wrong has to be removed os I have all this work to do and Vestal dose not complete or even attempt to do so! the project as far as I'm concerened they owe me 25K


I also lost thousands dealing with Vestal.I am suing.

My attorney will add on more people who come forward.

If you feel you were scammed by Vestal and would like to join in the lawsuit, please contact Please state how you were bilked and for how much.I promise to reply to all legitimate inquiries.


Vestal Builders ran $3,500 worth of advertising in the Auto & RV publications and we never received payment. Oh yea, we heard all the excuses too...finally gave up on these liars and thieves too.


Five day project took two weeks ,workmanship poor, now three months later we have a leak and Cannt get them to fix it


Vestal builders did the worst job on my bathroom I have ever seen.the tile was crooked, the gaps were from 3/4 in to 1/16 in less than five feet.

They DID try to correct the problems but only made them worse. Problem 1: The owner should check up on the work being done so that issues can be fixed early.

after the cement is dry there is only one and replace.

They are nice people, but should be in sewing or arts and crafts




WOW - what a quick response!And no wonder since I'm sure you're used to getting complaints on this site and others.

Such as: 18 complaints and a score of "F" with the BBB. A compliance conference held with the Bureau of Commercial Services, Michigan Attorney General's office Complaint #315534 which can be requested through the FOIA. Not to mention you still haven't spoken to, returned calls or e-mails with the "current contractor" for 8 weeks! Thank God he knows what he's doing!

He complained in an e-mail ONCE and that was when he first met me when I had to warn him about your ***. He has totally changed his tune in my favor since he's so frustrated with your ignoring him for no good reason and your just plain ignorance period! As just one example: you NEVER ONCE gave him any plans or drawings so he had to fly blind after he asked for them twice and all you had to do was fax them or e-mail them. Not to mention never once drawing up a proposal itemizing cost and work to be done on my kitchen after I asked for these several times.

How professional! Yeah, I'd definitely recommend you...

NOT!!You will never be successful - what gives you the right to treat people this way and put their lives on hold??


As a reply to Ms.Thomas's complaint...I can understand your frustration regarding the incorrect ordering of the countertop, and that has been corrected and was not an "***" mistake, yet was a mistake.

We have apologized numerous times for that mistake. You have absolutely no reason to stoop to calling us thieves,manipulators,unethical or any of the other names. There was not "one subcontractor after another sent over. There was ONE salesman that sold your job (he was fired at a later date, that was correct, but he was not a builder), there was a designer that you requested come to pick your materials out at stores in your area (again, not a subcontractor, and not fired.

On every other remodel we have done, the customer has never requested that someone come pick out materials with them, but we paid him to come shop with you), we did have a builder come for the final measure, and you agreed on the layout of the kitchen. Then, when you had questions, Matt came out to go over the layout again, and although it was exactly the same, you agreed to that as well. As far as us taking two weeks to come out for the measure, there has to be some time for the builder to be scheduled to be there to measure. That is not an unusual amount of time.

We do have more than one job going. Which also answers the issue as to Matt only being at your home twice, how many times would you expect the owner of a company to come to your home? If you hire Hansons or Sears, do you...

Per the contractor currently completing the project, you have complained at every step, and have attempted to receive work for free. You even complained to me about the height of the standard microwave cabinet, that you chose, because you were too short to reach it. How could that be our fault? As soon as we received the confirmation of the material you chose, we ordered it.

And as soon as it was in, we had our production manager at your home,on a Saturday,to deliver it to the installer. Regarding the cabinets, as has been explained to you numerous times as well, we are the distributors of the cabinets. We work with a wholesaler to obtain the samples and order the cabinets. We carry the warranty, the marketing, etc.

It is not as though this is secret information, it is the truth.The only valid complaint that you have is the counter top being ordered incorrectly, which was corrected.

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