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The below paragraph should read, \"Materials were *NOT* purchased on time.\"

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I worked for Vestal Builders as a subcontractor on three bathroom remodels earlier this summer (2011). After the third job, I told Matt I no longer wanted to work for them when he asked me to do a kitchen remodel. Every job was a nightmare because materials were purchased on time, communication was terrible, and because Matt, at the time, was being driven everywhere by his wife because his license had been suspended. Also, Matt seemed to have no clue what he was talking about when it came to how things should be done; he was very good at talking his way through problems, but I'm not sure you'd want him actually working on your bathroom, never mind anything structural. By the end of the last job, I decided sitting at home was better than working for Vestal Builders. Fortunately, I've since found work with a real contractor.

I could give a long laundry list of things to beware of, but the long and short of it is that Vestal Builder's isn't organized enough and doesn't pay well enough to keep competent subcontractors and employees. They have a rotating door of employees and subcontractors, and it is no wonder. I don't think they are malevolent and intend to do wrong at the outset of a job; they are just incompetent, disorganized, and lack the moral fiber to make things right to the end if an issue arises. They seem to have no clue about how to run a business. For instance, when I went to work for them, *I* drew up contracts and made them sign them; they had no contracts or agreements for me to sign, and didn't even ask for a signed copy of the contracts I drew up. The customer contracts I saw were vague and non-specific, and looked like they had been drawn on a napkin.

If you are a sub, you will be constantly chasing Matt for your money, and constantly being fed BS or getting completely ignored. The customers I worked for were being hounded for the rest of the money before the jobs were even completed. I've had to take Vestal Builder's to small claims court to recover the costs on the last two jobs; the judgement was in my favour but I have still heard neither hide nor hair from them in terms of payment. I don't really want to have a court seizure of property, but I'm afraid it will come to that.

All three of the customers I worked for were happy with my work, but each of them would tell you how much of a nightmare it was to deal with Vestal. I actually just went to the job of the first customer (in October), whose job I worked at in June, and Vestal still had not picked up all the garbage from the job. There are plenty of good contractors out there looking for work in this economy; ask your friends for their recommendations and don't be tricked by the fancy advertisements and pleasant demeanor of a Vestal salesman. Stay away from Vestal Builders at all costs - the sweetness of a good price fades far faster than the bitterness of poor quality.

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I also lost thousands dealing with Vestal.I am suing.

My attorney will add on more people who come forward.

If you feel you were scammed by Vestal and would like to join in the lawsuit, please contact Please state how you were bilked and for how much.I promise to reply to all legitimate inquiries.


The time is now. We must come together for a monster push back against Vestal Builders.

greaterguide at yahoo dot com


The time is now. We must come together for a monster push back against Vestal Builders.


I've since received my money through the courts; Vestal contacted me only 2x during the whole process, and then only to lie and tell me the check was in the mail in order to keep me from going ahead with my action. I've talked to others who have dealt with Vestal, and I take back what I said about them not being malevolent. It's now my opinion that they purposefully hire subs with no intention of paying them for their work, knowing that most people won't bother going through the trouble of getting their money through small claims court.

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